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Founded in 1988, A2Z Environmental LLC, formerly known as A2Z Construction of Central New York LLC, is a fully licensed and insured company specializing in the following:

  • Pre-demolition asbestos surveys
  • Asbestos incidental disturbance inspection
  • Air monitoring
  • Project monitoring
  • Project design
  • Rotameter calibration services

All services are performed without the services of sub-contractors. A2Z provides quality services in a cost-effective and time-conscious manner.   A2Z has been awarded 96{5a0c795b30f6011b7c7d349fc6846afd1ab2d2e1fccd9c6c907311bf311bd783} of all bids submitted.

Jamie Foster, Lic. #73261

Pre-Demolition Asbestos Surveys

A2Z Environmental LLC specializes in pre-demolition asbestos surveys. The asbestos survey includes a thorough inspection of building materials to determine which materials may contain asbestos. Bulk samples are collected with a chain of custody and sent to the lab for analysis. Estimated turn-around time is 24 hours.

Asbestos Incidental Disturbance Survey

An asbestos incidental disturbance survey is a report that is generated to determine how expansive the area of contamination is at the site.

Air Monitoring

Air monitoring is performed before, during, and after asbestos abatement to test air quality during all phases.

Project Monitoring

Project monitoring is conducted during all phases at the request of the owner or the owner’s agent for an abatement project to ensure the contractor is properly licensed and performing services per Code Rule 56. Visual inspections are conducted to be certain that all asbestos-containing materials have been properly abated.
Rotameter Calibration Services

A Rotameter is a piece of equipment that calibrates air monitoring pumps. Quarterly calibration is required per New York State law.

Project Design

Project design (NYS variance petition) is required when there is an incidental disturbance or when an abatement job cannot be performed due to not being in compliance with Code Rule 56.

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