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Project Monitoring & Asbestos Air Tech

  • Project Monitoring
  • Air Sampling & Analysis: Crucial for determining asbestos fiber exposure.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Following NYS Code Rule 56, OSHA, and EPA standards.
  • Certifications: Ensuring only qualified professionals handle air sampling and inspections.


  • Project Planning & Variance Applications: Design abatement projects and seek variances if necessary.


  • Pre-Renovation & Pre-Demolition Surveys: Detailed assessments of affected materials.
  • Identification of ACMs: Enumerating various types of asbestos-containing materials.

Asbestos Incident Assessment

  • Contamination Evaluation: Visual assessment, sampling, lab interpretation, and reporting.
    1. Clean-Up Process: Composing variances for NYS Engineering Department approval.

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Air sampling and analysis are critical in determining exposure to airborne asbestos fibers for workers and the public. Due to the microscopic size of asbestos fibers, air sampling is the only definitive way of determining if an abatement site can be released for re-occupation. The collection of reliable data requires a thorough knowledge of the techniques and equipment used in air sampling. Area air samples are collected in pre-selected locations using either low-volume battery-operated or high-volume electric sampling pumps.


A2Z Environmental LLC. has the experience, credentials, staff, and equipment to handle all sizes of Asbestos Projects in New York State.


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