about us

about us

Our Commitment to Environmental and Public Safety

 A2Z Environmental  has been consulting for over 30 years,  identifying building materials that contain asbestos. In 2005 we expanded the business to also conduct Project Monitoring, Air Monitoring and Project Design to make A2Z Environmental your one stop for your asbestos needs. In 2013 we expanded again to calibrated rotameters to help with the lack of the places to get rotameters calibrated per the regulation of once every quarter (4 times yearly). We also started repairing  air sampling pumps in 2013. At A2Z Environmental we strive to help clients comply with New York State Code Rule 56, OSHA and EPA (AHERA). In New York State, Industrial Code Rule 56 is in place to protect the public from exposure to asbestos fibers, which can cause cancer. The law requires that trained certified workers conduct all work that disturbs asbestos, following special procedures to prevent the spread of asbestos into the air. All asbestos work has to also be conducted by a New York State Licensed asbestos contractor. 

Our Expertise and Credentials

Certified Professionals

Our team comprises certified Asbestos Air Techs, Project Monitors, Designers, and Inspectors, each bringing specialized expertise to every project.

Regulatory Compliance

 We adhere strictly to NYS Code Rule 56, OSHA, and EPA regulations, ensuring that all our practices meet or exceed industry standards.


With over 30 years of experience in the field, we have handled projects of varying scales and complexities across New York State.

Comprehensive Services

Project Monitoring

Our certified Project Monitors ensure on-site compliance during abatement projects.

Air Techs

Our air techs will conduct precise air sampling,  while abatement work is being conducted.

Design & Planning

 Our Asbestos Designers meticulously plan abatement projects, compose variance applications when necessary because of incidentals or when you can’t meet New York State Code Rule 56 and need to deviate from the regulation. The variance is then submitted to New York State for approval



 Our Inspectors conduct detailed surveys, identifying asbestos-containing materials that may be disrupted during renovation.


 A2Z Inspectors will review any previous records to help identify any building materials that may have been previously tested. We will conduct a thorough testing of all building materials that are suspected to be asbestos containing material (ACM). 

Incident Assessment

 In case of suspected asbestos contamination, we perform comprehensive assessments and facilitate the approval process for the required NYS variance for clean-up of asbestos incidentals.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

Stringent Procedures

 We follow strict protocols for sampling, analysis, and clean-up, prioritizing safety at every stage.

Advanced Techniques

Using cutting-edge equipment and techniques ensures accurate assessments and precise handling of asbestos.

Customer-Centric Approach

Responsive Communication

We value clear communication, promptly addressing inquiries, and providing transparent updates throughout projects.

Progressive Solutions

Understanding the unique needs of each project, we offer tailored solutions that prioritize safety and compliance.

Community Engagement

Education and Outreach

We are committed to raising awareness about asbestos risks and safety measures through community programs and educational initiatives.

Environmental Advocacy

Beyond our services, we actively support environmental causes and initiatives to protect our communities.

A2Z Environmental LLC. has the experience, credentials, staff, and equipment to handle all sizes of Asbestos Projects in New York State.




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